A captivating image of Dance Deewane Season 4 contestants showcasing their diverse talents on the vibrant stage.Diverse contestants, ranging from the young Riyan Mipi to the seasoned Sweety Kharsytiew, set to light up Dance Deewane Season 4.

Get ready to groove as Dance Deewane Season 4 hits your screens on 3rd February 2024. Colors TV brings a show where age is just a number, and everyone from 7 to 85 will take the stage

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Dance Deewane Episode No- 1

Meet the contestants who will perform in this reality show 

  • Sweety Kharsytiew, Age – 85 Years
  • Taranjot Singh, Age – 19 Years
  • Kashvi Agarwal, Age – 10 Years
  • Sabinay Biswas, Age – 50 Years
  • Riyan Mipi, Age – 7 Years
  • Chirashree Age – 17 Years
  • Harsh Age – 21 Years
  • Kashvi Agarwal, Age – 22 Years
  • Chabi ji, Age – 72 Years
  • Manjulai Roy Choudhary, Age – 46 Years

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Showtime Details:

Starting Date & Time: 3rd February 2024, Every Sat-Sun at 9:30 PM, exclusively on Colors TV & Jio Cinema. It’s a celebration of talent sweeping from India’s east to west, north to south.

Delhi Auditions Flashback:

Recall the excitement of the Delhi auditions held at Central Academy International School, Sector 10, Dwarka, on 23rd December 2023. Participants of three generations showcased their dance prowess.

Meet the Judges:

Discover the faces behind the critical decisions. Sunil Shetty, Dharmesh Yelande, Madhuri Dixit, and Tushar Kalia take charge of the judges’ panel for Dance Deewane Season 4.

Season Evolution:

Reflecting on the show’s journey, Season 1 and 2 saw Madhuri, Shashank Khaitan, and Tushar Kalia as judges. Season 3 introduced Dharmesh Yelande. Now, in Season 4, the trio of Dharmesh, Madhuri, and Tushar are set to enthral audiences.

Junior Edition Dynamics:

The junior edition brought in fresh faces – Nora Fatehi, Neetu Singh, and Marzi Pestonji as judges. Experience the delightful blend of youthful energy and seasoned expertise.

Winner’s Tale – Aditya Patil:

Recall the heartwarming victory of Aditya Patil in Dance Deewane Juniors. The eight-year-old’s gratitude-filled note on Instagram and his plans to fulfil his grandfather’s wish bring tears of joy.

Aditya’s Winning Moment:

Aditya’s triumph, bagging a prize of Rs 20 lakh, is not just his but his grandfather’s dream come true. The winning amount holds a special purpose – a new home for his family.

The Anticipation for Season 4:

With the rich history of previous seasons, the anticipation for Season 4 is at its peak. Will it surpass the previous seasons in talent, emotions, and entertainment?

Behind the Scenes:

Get an exclusive sneak peek into the making of Dance Deewane Season 4, exploring the hard work, dedication, and creativity that go into producing this spectacular show.

Dance Deewane’s Impact:

Explore how Dance Deewane has transcended the conventional boundaries of dance reality shows, leaving a lasting impact on participants and viewers alike.

Social Media Buzz:

Dive into the social media buzz surrounding Dance Deewane Season 4. Catch up on the fan excitement, predictions, and behind-the-scenes snippets shared by the contestants and judges.

Heartwarming Stories:

Discover the inspiring stories of contestants, their struggles, and triumphs, adding a human touch to the glitz and glamour of the show.

Dance Styles Showcase:

From classical to contemporary, witness the diverse dance styles that will grace the Dance Deewane Season 4 stage. A fusion of tradition and innovation awaits.

Dharmesh Yelande’s Insights:

Gain insights from Dharmesh Yelande, one of the esteemed judges, on what makes Dance Deewane Season 4 stand out and the qualities that make a dancer exceptional.

Madhuri’s Magic Moments:

Relive some of Madhuri Dixit’s magical moments on the show, her infectious laughter, and the invaluable feedback that has shaped the journey of many dancers.

Tushar Kalia’s Dance Wisdom:

Delve into Tushar Kalia’s dance wisdom and his unique perspective on nurturing talent, offering a glimpse into the mentorship dynamics of the show.

Dance Deewane Season 4 Merchandise:

Find out about exclusive this reality show Season 4 merchandise – from t-shirts to accessories, giving fans a chance to flaunt their love for the show.

Fan Engagement Activities:

Learn about exciting fan engagement activities, contests, and opportunities to interact with the show, creating a sense of community among Dance Deewane enthusiasts.

Impact Beyond the Stage:

This reality show has inspired many people to keep dancing even after the show. Its diverse styles and inclusive approach make people feel confident in their unique ways of dancing. The show has encouraged interest in formal dance training, and it’s not just on TV – it’s happening in local communities too. Dance Deewane is more than a show; It’s changing how people view and pursue dance on a large scale.

Unveiling New Talents:

The show not only entertains but also serves as a platform to discover hidden talents. Get ready to witness the unveiling of new stars in the world of dance.

Season 4 Theme and Twists:

Unravel the theme and anticipated twists that Season 4 promises, adding an extra layer of excitement to the viewer experience.

Nostalgia Trip:

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about iconic performances from past seasons that have etched themselves into Dance Deewane history.

Family-Friendly Entertainment:

this reality show Season 4 is a grand spectacle for all ages, promising diverse performances and shared moments of joy. It’s family-friendly entertainment at its best, a celebration of the universal language of dance

Viewer’s Choice Moments:

Explore the moments that touched the hearts of viewers, creating emotional connections and turning Dance Deewane into a viewer’s choice favourite.

Exclusive Interviews:

Go behind the scenes with exclusive interviews featuring the judges, contestants, and the creative minds responsible for bringing Dance Deewane Season 4 to life.

Grand Finale Extravaganza:

Build excitement for the grand finale, teasing the spectacular performances, emotional moments, and the crowning of the next Dance Deewane champion.

Your Dance Deewane Journey:

Share your dance journey! What are your favourite moments, favourite dance styles, and what impact has dance had on your life? Be it the beats of hip-hop, the grandeur of ballet, or the cultural richness of traditional dances, we want to hear your story. Dance is a universal language – celebrate the joyful moments and unforgettable performances that have shaped your experience. Join us in creating a living tapestry of dance stories!

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Riyan Mipi Dance Deewane Contestant
Riyan Mipi Dance Deewane Contestant



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