A captivating image of Dance Deewane Season 4 contestants showcasing their diverse talents on the vibrant stage.Diverse contestants, ranging from the young Riyan Mipi to the seasoned Sweety Kharsytiew, set to light up Dance Deewane Season 4.

Meet Taranjot Singh, a vibrant Sikh male Kathak dancer taking the stage by storm on Dance Deewane. His journey is a celebration of talent, family support, and the triumph of pursuing one’s passion.

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Taranjot Singh Wiki / Trivia Table

Full Name
Taranjot Singh
Nickname Taranjot
Kathak Dancer
Famous For
Contestant on Dance Deewane
Date of Birth Click Here
Age Click Here
Religion Sikh
Zodiac sign
Nationality Indian
Favorite Game Dance
Height 6,10
Weight 63
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name kawal jit singh
Brother Name
Partner Name
Marital Status Single
Shoe Size 7
Educational Qualification
Facebook Page Click Here
Instagram Page Open
YouTube Channel Click Here
LinkedIn Page Open
Twitter Page Click Here
Mail Open
Contact Number Click Here
Website Open
Net Worth 1.5 Crore

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Latest Controversy

Taranjot Singh remains controversy-free, focusing on his craft and inspiring others through his dance journey.

Professional Life

Taranjot’s story unfolds as a young Sikh male breaking stereotypes in the realm of Kathak dance. His journey on Dance Deewane showcases not just his dance moves but also the strength that comes from familial support.

Personal Life

Rooted in the essence of familial encouragement, Taranjot’s parents played a pivotal role in nurturing his love for Kathak. The challenges faced during his Kathak education became stepping stones to his success.

Achieve List Table

  • Breaking stereotypes as a Sikh male Kathak dancer.
  • Participation in Dance Deewane.
  • Showcasing extraordinary dance skills.

Quick Hidden Facts

  • Taranjot’s journey is a blend of passion and familial support.
  • His dance reflects the rich tradition of Kathak.
  • The challenges he faced in his education are a testament to his resilience.


  1. Q: What is Taranjot Singh known for?
    A: Taranjot Singh is known for being a Sikh male Kathak dancer, particularly as a contestant on Dance Deewane.
  2. Q: Has Taranjot been involved in any controversies?
    A: No, Taranjot Singh remains focused on his dance journey, steering clear of controversies.
  3. Q: Who supported Taranjot in pursuing Kathak?
    A: Taranjot’s parents played a crucial role in encouraging his passion for Kathak.
  4. Q: What challenges did Taranjot face during his Kathak education?
    A: Taranjot overcame obstacles during his Kathak education, showcasing resilience and determination.

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