A collage of images representing the evolution of India's best Hip-Hopper, featuring artists from different eras. A visual journey showcasing the transformation of India's best Hip-Hopper, from its early days with Sanika Kollhapur to the contemporary vibe of MC Shabdarth.

Mc Shabdarth is An inspiring journey, the real-life name Sanika Kolhapur, as she conquered the worlds of rap and art  Her journey from humble origins to emerging famous in the Indian hip-hop scene is a tribute to determination and enthusiasm

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 A collage of images representing the evolution of Indian Beat Hip-Hop, featuring artists from different eras.
Indian Beat Hip-Hop, from its early days with Sanika Kolhapure to the contemporary vibe of MC Shabdarth.

Early Life and Dreams 

MC Shabdarth, also known as Sanika Kolhapure, was born on April 12, 2003, in Karad, India, and discovered her love for Indian beat hip-hop at a young age¬† Despite her family’s lack of musical talent, she aspired to make a name for herself in the world of rap¬†

First Steps into the Rap World 

MC Shabdarth began experimenting with rap songs and developing her talents while in 12th grade  Despite the initial hurdles and concerns from those around her, she persisted in her dream of being a rapper 

An electrifying mosaic depicting India's unrivaled Hip-Hop journey, featuring luminaries across eras.
¬†MC Shabdarth’s contemporary resonance.

Overcoming the First Challenges 

When her debut release became viral, MC Shabdarth experienced some hurdles, but the feedback was varied  She persisted in the face of hardship, even when her Instagram account was hacked as a result of the harsh response  Undaunted, she renewed her resolve and created a new Instagram account @mc_shabdarth, acquiring more followers than before 

Breakthrough with “Ali Me Mic Var”¬†

Her breakthrough came with the song “Ali Me Mic Var,” which resonated with fans and received widespread acclaim¬† This was a watershed moment in her career because she realised that pursuing her aspirations was worth the difficulties she had encountered¬†

Lessons in Resilience and Motivation 

 A vibrant collage depicting the evolution of India's ultimate Hip-Hop sensation, featuring icons from different eras.
from the early days of Sanika Kollhapur to the contemporary groove of MC Shabdarth.

MC Shabdarth received invaluable guidance from a fellow rapper named MD during her journey¬† MD’s advice not only helped her enhance her talents but also kept her motivated in the face of self-doubt¬† Her family and followers’ support was also vital to her development¬†

Evolution as an Artist 

MC Shabdarth’s artistic progression from crafting comical songs to producing poignant ones was on display¬† Each song showcased her flexibility and distinct perspective, confirming her place in the Indian hip-hop industry¬†

Success and Growth in the Future 

As MC Shabdarth’s fan base grew, she released additional songs that resonated with her followers, confirming her image as a budding rap artist¬† Her YouTube channel grew in popularity, and her Instagram account expanded¬†

A dynamic collage illustrating India's Hip-Hop revolution, featuring iconic artists from different epochs.
Hip-Hop odyssey from the roots of Sanika Kolhapur 

Aspirations for the Future 

The journey of MC Shabdarth is far from over  She is focused on perfecting her art, delivering compelling lyrics, and connecting with her audience on a deeper level, with her sights set on reaching even higher heights in the realm of hip-hop

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