Manoj Shinguste - Spicykick Food BloggerJoin Manoj Shinguste on a flavorful journey as he explores the world of food and shares his culinary adventures.

In the vibrant world of digital marketing and culinary creativity, one name that stands out is Manoj Shinguste, better known by his online moniker, “Spicykick.” Hailing from Pune, this food enthusiast has carved a niche for himself as a prominent food blogger. His journey from a digital marketer to a renowned Pune Food Blogger has inspired many, and his online presence has captivated the taste buds and hearts of numerous Indian food lovers.

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Full Name Manoj Shinguste
Nickname Spicykick
Profession Pune Food Blogger
Famous For Food Videos and Content Creation
Date of Birth September 24, 1991
Age 33
Birthplace Pune, India
Hometown Pune, India
Nationality Indian
Favorite Game Kabaddi
Height 5.8 feet
Weight 80 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Father’s Name Vitthal
Mother’s Name Mirabai
Brother Name Sadashiv
Wife Name Vijaya Bolake
Marital Status Married
Shoe Size 9
Educational Qualification MBA from Pune University
School MM Vidya Mandir
College/University Pune University
Net Worth 45 Lakh

Early Life and Beginnings

Manoj Shinguste, born on September 24, 1991, in Pune, India, embarked on his journey with a strong passion for food and a penchant for creativity. He was enthralled by the world of smells and aromas from a young age, Growing up in Pune, he nurtured his dreams alongside his education at MM Vidya Mandir.

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Education and Transition to Business

After completing his education, Manoj Shinguste pursued an MBA from Pune University, setting a strong academic foundation. However, the allure of the business world beckoned him. He entered the corporate world and developed his expertise in the field of digital marketing by working with leading IT firms. Despite a successful corporate career, Manoj Shinguste’s heart gravitated toward his true passion: food

The Birth of Spicykick

Manoj Shinguste’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to make a bold move. He left his corporate job to establish his own digital marketing company. It was during this phase that he also dabbled in content creation. The amalgamation of his marketing acumen and his love for food gave birth to his online persona, “Spicykick.”

Manoj Shinguste - Spicykick Food Blogger
Embark on a tantalizing journey of taste and creativity with the culinary virtuoso, Manoj Shinguste, aka Spicykick.

Fusion of Passion and Expertise

Fueled by his dreams, Manoj embarked on his journey as a “Spicykick.” With a camera in hand and a knack for storytelling, he ventured into the realm of food blogging. His content creation skills began to flourish, and he started crafting videos that not only showcased delectable dishes but also infused humor and entertainment.

A Spicy Transformation

Manoj Shinguste’s journey took a significant turn as his content gained traction. He diversified his content to include captivating videos featuring hotels and food industry establishments. Audiences responded favorably to his special mix of creativity, comedy, and an honest fondness for food, making him a popular character in the online food preparation community.

Challenges and Triumphs

Like any journey, Manoj Shinguste’s was not without challenges. The initial lack of financial resources presented obstacles, but his determination propelled him forward. His ability to connect with his audience and provide insightful content rapidly gained him recognition.

Milestones and Impact

Manoj Shinguste’s perseverance yielded remarkable milestones. Within a short span, he garnered a dedicated following, amassing a million followers across various platforms. His impact reached beyond mere numbers – he became a trusted source for food enthusiasts, providing honest opinions and vivid portrayals of culinary experiences.

A Taste of Success

Within just two months, Manoj achieved an impressive milestone of 50K followers on all his platforms. This rapid growth was a testament to his captivating content and his genuine passion for sharing his food adventures.

Inspiring the Community

Manoj Shinguste’s journey not only satisfied cravings but also inspired aspiring content creators and food enthusiasts. His distinctive storytelling approach, coupled with his openness about challenges, inspired others to pursue their passions relentlessly.

A Connection with Audience

Manoj Shinguste‘s target audience – food lovers and travelers– resonated deeply with his content. Through his videos, he transported viewers to various culinary realms, fostering a strong connection based on shared interests.

Impact and Future Aspirations

Manoj Shinguste‘s journey aimed for more than just entertainment. He aspired to offer genuine opinions about food and hospitality. Looking ahead, he envisioned a successful business venture while continuing to delight his audience with engaging content.

Advice and Legacy

For budding creators, Manoj Shinguste‘s advice was simple yet profound: Be unique. He wanted to be remembered as an entertainer who used his culinary travels to make his audience laugh and get inspired.

Family and Support

Behind every successful journey lies unwavering support. Manoj Shinguste‘s wife, Vijaya Bolake, a journalist, played a crucial role as his mentor and guide, exemplifying the power of a strong partnership. Manoj, happiness was defined by recognition – a testament to his commitment and dedication.


Manoj Shinguste’s journey from a digital marketer to the esteemed “Spicykick” Pune Food Blogger is a tale of determination, creativity, and a zest for life’s flavours. With milestones that include millions of followers and a dedicated impact on the food community, he continues to spice up the digital world. As his journey unfolds, it’s evident that Manoj Shinguste’s legacy will leave an indelible mark on the realms of food, creativity, and online influence.

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