A captivating still from Killer Soupuspenseful world of "Killer Soup," where chaos brews in the fictional Mainjur, Tamil Nadu.

“Killer Soup,” a darkly funny crime thriller unfolding in the fictional Mainjur, Tamil Nadu. Swathi Shetty, an aspiring yet talentless home chef, hatches a wild plan to replace her husband, Prabhakar, with her lover, Umesh Pillai. As chaos ensues with a quirky inspector and amateur villains, this gripping Indian series, led by Abhishek Chaubey, offers suspense, humor, and unexpected twists. Premiered on Netflix on January 11, 2024, with 8 episodes of 43 to 59 minutes each.

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Killer Soup Wiki 

Killer Soup (2024) Thriller 1 season
Genre Black Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Release Date 11 January 2024
Duration 43—59 minutes per episode
Lead Cast Konkona Sen Sharma, Manoj Bajpayee, Nassar, Sayaji Shinde, Anula Navlekar
Director Abhishek Chaubey
Produced By Chetana Kowshik, Honey Trehan
Banner Macguffin Pictures
Executive Producer Ravi Tiwari
Production Macguffin Pictures
Budget 50 Crore
Box Office 120 Crore
OTT Platform Netflix
Director Of Photography Anuj Rakesh Dhawan
Film Editor Sanyukta Kaza, Meghna Manchanda Sen
Production Designer Tiya Tejpal
Action Director Amritpal Singh
VFX Abhishek Kulkarni
Sound Design Kunal Sharma
Costume Designer Shivank Kapoor
Dubbed In English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada
Singers Yash Pandey, Sandesh Rao
Art Direction Shalmolee Mukherjee, Hannu Oberoi
Stunt Choreography Amritpal Singh
Costume Design Jatin Bhanker
Producer Chetana Kowshik, Honey Trehan
Writer Unaiza Merchant, Harshad Nalawade, Anant Tripathi

Killer Soup (2024) Download 

“Killer Soup” is a gripping Indian Hindi-language black comedy crime thriller streaming television series by Netflix. With Abhishek Chaubey at the helm, the show offers a unique blend of suspense, humor, and unexpected twists. Premiering on 11 January 2024, it consists of 8 episodes, each running between 43 to 59 minutes.

Episode Table

Episode Duration Description
1 49 min Swathi’s illicit affair takes a shocking turn. Prabhakar dreams of opening a hotel with Arvind’s support.
2 59 min Thupalli investigates a newly discovered dead body. Umesh and Swathi take desperate measures to cover their tracks.
3 43 min Arvind delves into Umesh’s past after learning about Prabhakar’s blackmail. Inspector Hassan joins Thupalli’s case findings.
4 41 min Police question Swathi and Umesh; a new blackmailer emerges. Hassan’s hallucinations spark questions and new leads.
5 53 min Appu and Swathi form an alliance, but a suspicious Lucas intervenes. Arvind has a plan. Explosive showdown leaves a bloody mess.
6 49 min Tensions rise at the hospital as secrets threaten to emerge. Hassan makes a startling discovery.
7 51 min Appu takes matters into her own hands. Police investigate Mehrunisa’s connection to Manisha Koirala. Kirtima delivers an ultimatum.
8 52 min Hassan attempts to crack the case one last time. Swathi finds her soup’s secret ingredient as the restaurant’s grand opening approaches.

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Box Office Collection Table

Opening Day Expected 45 Crore
India Gross Collection? Expected 160 Crore
Overseas Gross Collection? Expected  330 Crore
Worldwide Gross Collection? Expected 7oo Crore


  • What is the genre of Killer Soup?
    • Killer Soup falls under the genres of black comedy, crime, and thriller.
  • How many seasons and episodes are there?
    • There is 1 season with 8 episodes in total.
  • Where can I watch Killer Soup?
    • Killer Soup is available for streaming on Netflix.
  • Is the series suitable for all audiences?
    • The series has content warnings for language, substances, tobacco use, and violence.

Audience Honest Review

“Killer Soup” takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride with its bizarre yet captivating plot, where the central theme of a seemingly insignificant soup becomes the linchpin of the entire story. Konkona Sen Sharma’s stellar performance as Swathi Shetty, along with Manoj Bajpayee’s triple role, adds an eccentric layer that keeps the audience hooked. The series introduces a supernatural element, adding an extra layer of complexity and making “Killer Soup” a fresh and gripping watch.

Audiences praise the series for its bewildering performances, versatile direction, and the perfect blend of suspense and dark comedy. The involvement of legendary actors and meticulous attention to detail make “Killer Soup” a top contender for the best entertaining hours of 2024

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