Image of a diverse group of people celebrating a festival in a Pune taluka, showcasing the cultural vibrancy and unity within the community.oin us on a vibrant journey through Pune's talukas, where culture, tradition, and progress converge to create a unique tapestry of diversity. šŸŒāœØ #PuneTalukas #CulturalHeritag

List oF Talukas in Pune:

Name Area (* Headquarter No. of Villages No. of Towns Name of Municipal Corporation Name of Municipal Council Name of Cantonment Board
Ambegaon 1,043 Ambegaon 143 1
Baramati 1,337 Baramati 117 1 Baramati
Bhor 892 Bhor 195 1 Bhor
Daund 1,290 Daund 103 1 Daund
Haveli 1,337 Pune 102 3 Pimpri- Chinchwad Dehu Road
Indapur 1,468 Indapur 143 1 Indapur
Junnar 1,385 Junnar 181 1 Junnar
Khed 1,400 Rajgurunagar 186 3 Alandi
Maval 1,131 Wadgaon 181 5 i) Talegaon – Dabhade
ii) Lonavala
Mulshi 1,039 Paud 141 1
Pune City 184 Pune 0 3 Pune i) Pune
ii) Khadki
Purandhar 1,104 Sasvad 107 3 i) Sasvad
ii) Jejuri
Shirur 1,557 Shirur 117 1 Shirur
Velhe 497 Velhe 128 0
Image of a diverse group of people celebrating a festival in a Pune taluka, showcasing the cultural vibrancy and unity within the community.
oin us on a vibrant journey through Pune’s talukas, where culture, tradition, and progress converge to create a unique tapestry of diversity. šŸŒāœØ #PuneTalukas #CulturalHeritag

Meet the talukas of Pune: A story of diversity and harmony

Hello Pune! Have you ever wondered about the fascinating world of talukas that form the backbone of our beautiful city? Well, get ready as we take you on a joyous journey through the diverse and vibrant talukas that make Pune the cultural gem it is!

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How many talukas in Pune?

14 Taluka, 13 Panchayat Samitis in Pune District is divided intoĀ 

Ambegaon: Green Heaven

First of all, Ambegaon! Spread over 1,043 sq km, this taluka is like a lush green paradise with 143 villages. Ambegaon is a major player in the cultural tapestry of Pune.

Baramati: Tradition and Progress

Say hello to Baramati, spread over 1,337 sq km. and housing 117 villages. This is where tradition meets progress, creating a unique blend that defines the spirit of Pune.

Dawn: Guardian of Nature

Bhor spread over 892 sq km, is more than a taluka with 195 villages. It is a protector of nature and heritage, adding a touch of tranquillity to Pune.

Daund: A tranquil retreat

Spread over 1,290 sq km, Daund offers peace with 103 villages. This taluka is like a peaceful retreat within the dynamic landscape of Pune.

Haveli: The Melting Pot of Pune

Haveli spread over 1,337 sq km, is a mix of 102 villages and three towns including Pimpri-Chinchwad. It is where diverse communities come together.

Indapur: Unique Attractions

Indapur spread over 1,468 sq km, stands with 143 villages. Its unique attraction increases the efficiency of the administrative system of Pune.

Junnar: Echoes of History

Junnar, with its 1,385 sq km, echoes history through 181 villages. Exploring Junnar is like travelling through the rich historical corridors of Pune.

Regret: Connecting the Past and the Future

Khed, spread over 1,400 sq km, connects Pune’s rich past with 186 villages and three towns. It is a bridge to the promising future of Pune.

Maval: Nature’s playground

Maval spread over 1,131 sq km, is nature’s playground with 181 villages and five towns. Places like Talegaon-Dabhade and Lonavala make Maval a must-visit.

Mulshi: Simplicity and peace

Spread over 1,039 sq km, Mulshi is the epitome of simplicity with 141 villages. It is a quiet corner that contributes to the tranquillity of Pune.

Pune City: Urban Buzz

Pune city, though spread over 184 sq km, is a bustling urban city with three towns including Khadki. It is the core of Pune’s economic and cultural activities.

Purandhar: Heritage and progress together

Spread over 1,104 sq km, Purandar covers 107 villages and three towns including Saswad and Jejuri. Her heritage and progress go hand in hand.

Shirur: Cultural Gem

Spread over 1,557 sq km, Shirur is a cultural gem consisting of 117 villages. It adds a unique vibrancy to the landscape of Pune.

Velhe: Personalized Peace

Velhe spread over 497 sq km, is a peace taluka with 128 villages. It is a peaceful place amidst the bustling surroundings of Pune.

Unique Pune Taluka: A Quick Recap

Let’s quickly recap our journey through the different talukas that make Pune a unique and culturally rich city. Each taluka adds its distinct flavour to the administrative, cultural and historical narrative of Pune.

Organization of Talukas in Pune

It is important to understand how talukas are organized across Pune for effective governance and representation.

Role of Municipal Corporations

Municipal corporations, such as Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad, play an important role in overseeing the development and maintenance of urban talukas.

Municipal Councils: Nurturing Rural Progress

Municipal councils like Bhor and Indapur focus on promoting rural development and progress in the hinterland.

Cantonment Board: Custodian of Defense Areas

Cantonment boards like Dehu Road and Alandi ensure the well-being of the defence areas within the talukas, contributing to national security.

Village vs. City: Understanding Dynamics

Differentiation between villages and towns within talukas increases diversity, with villages representing rural life and towns as centres of commerce and activity.

Talukas and Census of Pune

Census activities conducted from time to time help us understand the population trends, demography and evolving scenario of the talukas of Pune.

Talukas and Census of Pune

The discovery of educational institutions within the talukas highlights the efforts made for the intellectual development of the area.

Health care in the entire Taluka: An important aspect

Access to health facilities is important to assess the well-being of the population in the talukas of Pune.

Economic opportunities in talukas

Each taluka contributes to the economic vitality of Pune. Understanding the economic opportunities within talukas is important for sustainable development.

Cultural Festivals and Heritage Sites

Cultural festivals and heritage sites within the talukas add a unique charm to the cultural landscape of Pune, reflecting the rich traditions and history.

Environment-related initiatives in the entire taluka

Preservation of Pune’s natural beauty is a shared responsibility. Exploring environmental initiatives within talukas highlights efforts towards sustainability.

Future Outlook: Talukas of Pune in the coming years

As Pune is developing, its talukas are also developing. A glimpse of the future outlines the potential development and growth that awaits each unique taluka.

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