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Himanshu Agrawal, at the age of 24, is the dynamic founder of Internet Coaching Empire, Backend Closers, and MailJar. He started his journey with a humble salary and has quickly become a successful entrepreneur with a vision for India’s economy. Himanshu is dedicated to helping coaches, consultants, trainers, and service providers start and grow their consulting businesses, and he has a proven track record of achieving high-ticket clients. His commitment to innovation, sustainability, and amplifying the voices of entrepreneurs sets him apart in the business world

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Wiki / Trivia Table

Full Name Himanshu Agrawal
Nickname Himanshu
Profession Entrepreneur
Famous For Founder of Internet Coaching Empire
Date of Birth 22 March 2000
Age as of 2024 24
Religion Punjab
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthplace Indore, India
Hometown Indore, India
Nationality Indian
Favorite Game Chess
Height 5.7
Weight 68
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blacl
Father’s Name Under Review
Mother’s Name Under Review
Brother Name Under Review
Partner Name Unmarried
Marital Status Single
Shoe Size 8
Educational Qualification College Dropout
School Under Review
College/University Under Review
Facebook Page @HIMANSHUICE
Instagram Page @himanshuagrawal.official
YouTube Channel @Himanshuagrawal
LinkedIn Page @himanshuagrawalofficial
Twitter Page Under Review
Mail support@himanshuagrawal.com
Contact Number 083193 25485
Website Internet Coaching Empire

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Professional Life

Early Ventures (Class 9th – Fibhub App):

Himanshu initiated his entrepreneurial journey early, exploring ventures like a photography business, PlayStation Xbox renting, and more. His notable endeavor during this period was the creation of the social network “famenik,” gaining a valuation of 80 lakhs when he was just 18.

Corporate Experience (Teleperformance & Amazon):

Following his early successes, Himanshu gained experience working in the corporate sector. He worked at Teleperformance, a global digital business services company, in a BPO calling role from Nov 2017 to Apr 2018. Later, he worked as a Customer Service Representative at Amazon Bhopal from May 2018 to Aug 2018.

Dropshipping Business: 

Himanshu ventured into the digital product dropshipping business, focusing on products like e-books. Despite starting with a modest income of 12k to 15k per month, he demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by creating a 299/rs pack with 300 templates.

Creation of Internet Coaching Empire (May 2020): 

Himanshu’s significant career move came in May 2020 when he founded the Internet Coaching Empire. This platform aimed to provide coaching, consulting, and training services, with a focus on helping individuals and businesses achieve financial success online. He emphasized teaching effective strategies without the need for excessive spending on ads or software

Current Ventures – Backend Closers and Mailjar: 

Himanshu extended his impact by founding companies like Backend Closers and Mailjar. These entities are dedicated to helping businesses become more profitable and find new customers through strategic approaches.

Recognition and Awards: 

Himanshu Agrawal’s contributions to the business coaching field have garnered recognition. He has been featured in local newspapers multiple times, received the One-Comma Club Award by ClickFunnels, and delivered talks in various cities, earning him a reputation as India’s youngest Sales Trainer.

Global Reach and Impact: 

The Internet Coaching Empire, under Himanshu’s leadership, has reached individuals in over 5 countries. More than a thousand students have found success through the knowledge imparted by Himanshu and his team.

Podcast and Online Presence:

Himanshu Agrawal maintains an active online presence, with a podcast listened to in 8+ countries. His YouTube channel boasts over 54.8K subscribers and 457 videos, showcasing his commitment to sharing valuable insights and strategies.

Personal Life

Little is known about Himanshu’s personal life, as he primarily focuses on his entrepreneurial. His journey suggests a passion for problem-solving, chess, and building businesses. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and being good at what you do.

Achieve List Table

Achievement Description
Internet Coaching Empire Founder & CEO Driving online business triumph through adaptive learning and strategic skills.
Over 124 Lakhpatis Created Through coaching and strategies showcased on YouTube, Himanshu empowered individuals to achieve financial success.
Featured in Local Newspapers (4 times) Recognition for his contributions to business coaching.
One-Comma Club Award by ClickFunnels Acknowledgement for achieving a six-figure income per month in the consulting business.
Talks in 7+ States Speaker on sales, marketing strategy, and consulting, regarded as India’s youngest Sales Trainer.

Company List Table

Company Description
Internet Coaching Empire Founded in May 2020, providing coaching and consulting services for online business success.
Backend Closers A company aiding businesses in becoming more profitable and finding new customers.
Mailjar A company focused on helping businesses with email marketing strategies for improved profitability.

Quick Hidden Facts

  1. Himanshu Agrawal started his entrepreneurial journey from class 9th with ventures like a photography business and PlayStation Xbox renting.
  2. He founded the social network “famenik,” which gained a valuation of 80 lakhs when he was just 18.
  3. Despite facing challenges and working in various roles, including a BPO and Amazon, Himanshu remains dedicated to helping others succeed.
  4. Himanshu Agrawal’s net worth as of 2024 is 32 Crore

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Himanshu Agrawal’s age?

A: Himanshu Agrawal is 24 years old as of  (2024)

Q: What is his educational background?

A: Himanshu Agrawal is a college dropout.

Q: How many lakhpatis has he created through coaching?

A: Himanshu Agrawal has created over 124 lakhpatis through his coaching and strategies.

Q: What companies has Himanshu founded?

A: Himanshu Agrawal has founded Internet Coaching Empire, Backend Closers, and Mailjar, each serving a unique purpose in helping businesses thrive.

Q: What is the focus of the Internet Coaching Empire?

A: Internet Coaching Empire focuses on providing coaching and consulting services for online business success, emphasizing adaptive learning and strategic skills.

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