Haroon Kazi, Salman Khan, Jai Ho movie, Bollywood, debut, villain, fight scene, modeling, entertainment.Witness the power-packed face-off between Haroon Kazi and Salman Khan in the blockbuster movie Jai Ho.

In the glittering world of Bollywood, where villains are often portrayed as menacing figures, Haroon Qazi brings a refreshing twist with his smart and handsome looks. Making her debut with the 2014 film “Jai Ho” alongside superstar Salman Khan, Kazi’s entry into the industry was not only unexpected but also a matter of dedication and hard work.

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Full Name Haroon Qazi
Nickname Haroon
Profession Actor, Model & Stock Marketer
Famous For Villain in Jai Ho 2014
Date of Birth 1983
Age 40
Birthplace Pune
Hometown Pune
Nationality Indian
Favorite Game Volleyball
Height 5.9
Weight 54 Kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Father’s Name Kazi
Mother’s Name Kazi
Sister Name Kazi
Marital Status Married
Shoe Size 8
Educational Qualification MBA Degree
School Bishops School
CollegeUniversity Pune University
Facebook Link
Instagram Link @harunkazi
YouTube Channel Link
Contact Number 9922644722
Net Worth 67 Crore

Early Life and Entry into Bollywood: Pune to Mumbai

Born in 1984, Haroon Qazi started his journey as a young entrepreneur in Pune, dealing with the stock market. In 2017, his firm received the prestigious ‘Fastest Growing Broker of the Year’ award from Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). However, his entry into Bollywood was not planned.

Haroon Kazi strikes a pose with a majestic horse, showcasing elegance and charisma
Haroon Kazi, the epitome of grace, shares a moment with a beautiful horse, blending style with nature’s majesty.

Haroon’s life took a dramatic turn in 2000 when he won the Gladrags Manhunt competition, leading to a successful modelling career for famous brands such as Jockey and Raymonds. A twist of fate came when “Jai Ho” director Sohail Khan spotted Haroon during their shared gym session in Mumbai.

Bollywood Debut: Jai Ho’s Fit Villain

Sohail Khan offered Haroon Qazi to act in his upcoming film ‘Jai Ho’. Although initially not clear about the role, Kazi accepted the challenge. To prepare for the role, he underwent rigorous training in martial arts, dance and acting workshops. Finally, he was cast as a stylish villain in “Jai Ho”. Working alongside Salman Khan, Haroon’s dedication and commitment to fitness impressed

Haroon Kazi, Salman Khan, Jai Ho movie, Bollywood, debut, villain, fight scene, modeling, entertainment.
Witness the power-packed face-off between Haroon Kazi and Salman Khan in the blockbuster movie Jai Ho.

d everyone on the set. Salman himself acknowledged Kazi’s transformation, shared his diet secrets and invited him to his home for dinner. The camaraderie between the two actors extended beyond the screen, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for the newcomers.

Life Beyond Bollywood: Stockbroker Turns Villain

Contrary to the typical Bollywood story, Haroon Qazi’s story took an unexpected turn after its debut. Despite receiving many film offers after “Jai Ho”, Qazi found fulfilment in a completely different field – stockbroking. With close friends, he set up a stockbroking firm, a dream job he prioritized before entering the film industry.

Haroon Kazi exudes sophistication in a formal suit, showcasing timeless style.
Haroon Kazi effortlessly commands attention in a classic formal ensemble, embodying timeless elegance.

From Villain to Award-Winning Stockbroker: A Unique Journey

Haroon Qazi’s unique journey drew attention not only for his on-screen presence but also for his off-screen success. While many actors chase fame and fortune, Kazi continues to excel in the stock market, showing a balanced approach to life.

Haroon Kazi radiates charisma in a dapper suit, epitomizing suave style.
Haroon Kazi effortlessly owns the spotlight, making a bold statement in this chic formal attire.

In a surprising turn of events, Salman Khan himself praised Haroon’s fitness level on a popular TV show Aap Ki Adalat highlighted that he had to fight a villain who was fitter than himself in “Jai Ho”.

Haroon Qazi’s Unique Legacy

Haroon Qazi’s story is a testament to the unpredictability of life and the pursuit of diverse passions. From being a successful stockbroker to making a mark as a Bollywood villain, Kazi’s journey shows versatility and determination. Balancing his roles in different fields, Haroon Qazi is a notable figure in the glamorous world of Bollywood and the dynamic field of stockbroking. For more updates, Source

Haroon Kazi showcases his sculpted physique in a powerful pose.
Haroon Kazi’s Fitness Revelation: Sculpted Physique in the Limelight

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