A smiling Gaurav Khatri, CEO of Noise, holding a cutting-edge smartwatch.Gaurav Khatri, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Noise, leading India's smart wearables revolution.
Full Name Gaurav Khatri
Nickname Gaurav
Profession Entrepreneur & Pilot
Famous For CEO & Co-Founder of Noise
Date of Birth
Birthplace Gurgaon
Hometown Gurgaon
Nationality Indian
Favorite Game Canoeing
Height 5.6
Weight 72 Kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Father’s Name Satyaprakash Khatri
Mother’s Name Neelam Khatri
Brother Name Amit Khatri
Wife Name Pallavi Modi
Marital Status Married
Shoe Size 7.6
Educational Qualification BBA
School Air Force School, Bikaner
CollegeUniversity Amity University
Facebook Link
Instagram Link
YouTube Channel Link
Linkedin @gauravkhatrigonoise
Twitter @itsgauravkhatri
Contact Number 9922644722
Net Worth 2,100 Crore

Gaurav Khatri, visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Noise, India’s leading smart wearable and hearable brand, It was started by two brothers, Gaurav and Amit Khatri, who recognized the critical gap between people’s demands and available offerings. With a desire to bridge this gap with technology, Noise has emerged as a brand that is committed to bringing smart technology to everyone.

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Smart Technology for All:

Initially focusing on everyday products like smartphone covers and accessories, Noise soon ventured into unexplored territories, becoming the first Indian brand to introduce smartwatches to the masses. The innovation didn’t stop there; The brand expanded into wireless earphones, launching the successful Shots series.

Age of Sound:

Recognizing the Indian market’s readiness for new sound experiences, Noise introduced #InnerNoise, successfully launching the Shots series. This success was not just the efforts of the brand but the result of continuous support and feedback from the community. Noiz further expanded its product range with ColorFit and NoiseFit, offering smartwatches tailored to individual needs.

What’s in the Future:

As CEO Gaurav Khatri expressed, “The journey so far has been amazing, and we want it to be even better from here on out.” Noise is committed to bringing the best technology to our customers with new goals, innovations and products to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

A smiling Gaurav Khatri, CEO of Noise, holding a cutting-edge smartwatch.
Gaurav Khatri, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Noise, leading India’s smart wearables revolution.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Gaurav Khatri, an entrepreneur and commercial pilot, thrives on futuristic and purpose-driven technology. Proudly building India’s largest connected lifestyle ecosystem with Noise, Gaurav is a key contributor to the brand’s revenue, sales and sustainable growth. He acts as a customer champion, ensuring a highly personalized customer experience.

Market Dominance:

In a short period, Noise has become a dominant player in the Indian smartwatch segment, registering impressive growth and leading the market with a 27% share. The brand’s portfolio expansion, community-building efforts and strategic partnerships have contributed to its success.

Global Vision:

Amit Khatri, Managing Director, Noise is envisioned as a global, connected lifestyle brand. The brand actively explores global markets and focuses on design, research and customer-centricity to drive development.


Gaurav Khatri’s journey includes studying BBA at Amity University, commercial pilot training in the Philippines and high school at Air Force Senior Secondary School, Bikaner.

Transformative Pivot:

Starting as a smartphone cover and accessory vendor in 2014, Noise made a major move in 2018, entering the smart wearable and hearable market. This strategic shift took Noise to new heights by focusing on customer needs, innovation and community building.

Marketing Strategies:

Noise adopts a frugal marketing approach, prioritizes performance marketing and engages in effective partnerships. Brand ambassadors like Virat Kohli, Taapsee Pannu and Rishabh Pant have played an important role in building consumer confidence.

Noise Lead by Gaurav Khatri

Led by Amit and Gaurav Khatri, Noise has maintained its position as India’s No. 1 smartwatch brand for nine consecutive quarters. Gaurav’s passion for innovation and understanding the pulse of India has contributed to the brand’s success.

Noise logo - A sleek and modern representation of the brand's identity.
The iconic Noise logo symbolises innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Future Goals:

Looking ahead, Noise aims to continue its growth trajectory, expand expansion and penetrate deeper into the market. The brand’s larger vision includes breaking through the clutter and creating a global, connected lifestyle brand.

Gaurav Khatri Awards & Recognitions list:

Year Award Title Recognition
2022 Forbes India Magazine Cover Featured on the cover, acknowledging impactful contributions to the business landscape.
2022 Pride of India – The Best of Bharat Award Recognized for outstanding contributions to the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem.
2022 e4m D2C Revolution Summit Awards Noise, under Gaurav Khatri’s leadership, clinched the prestigious D2C Revolution Summit Award.
2022 The Economic Times Startup Awards Gaurav Khatri lifted The Economic Times Startup Award, showcasing excellence and innovation.
2023 Forbes India Leadership Award Gaurav Khatri is acknowledged as a visionary shaping the future of business in India.


Gaurav Khatri’s journey from pilot to visionary entrepreneur to India’s top smartwatch brand is a testament to the power of innovation, determination and customer-centricity. As Noise evolves, Gaurav’s leadership ensures that the brand remains at the forefront of India’s wearable technology revolution, for more updates, Source

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