Types of Electric BlanketsTypes of Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are cosy bedding with built-in heating wires, offering warmth and comfort. Let’s dive into the details for a better understanding.

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Types of Electric Blankets:

  1. Underblankets/Overblankets: Placed beneath or on top of the bedsheet, providing warmth from below.
  2. Throw Blankets: Smaller, perfect for couches or chairs.
  3. Duvet Style: Replaces a regular duvet, combining warmth with traditional bedding aesthetics.
  4. Dual Control: Allows partners to set different temperatures on each side.

Electric Blankets Under 500

Uses of Electric Blankets:

  1. Cold Weather Comfort: Ideal for harsh winters, keeping you warm in chilly weather.
  2. Preheating Beds: Create a cosy sleeping environment by preheating your bed.
  3. Muscle Relaxation: The warmth helps relax muscles, easing mild discomfort.


  1. Customizable Heat: Adjustable settings for personalized warmth.
  2. Energy Efficiency: More efficient than heating an entire room, saving on heating costs.
  3. Ease of Use: Simple plug-in and adjustable controls.
  4. Dual Controls: Couples can customize their side for comfort.


  1. Safety Concerns: Follow guidelines to prevent overheating and fire hazards.
  2. Durability: Some have a shorter lifespan compared to traditional blankets.
  3. Limited Mobility: Plugged-in, restricting movement; not suitable for outdoor use.
  4. Initial Cost: Higher upfront compared to regular blankets.

Considerations Before Purchase:

  1. Safety Features: Look for auto-shutoff and safety certifications.
  2. Material: Choose comfortable and durable materials.
  3. Size: Ensure it fits your bed and personal preferences.
  4. Controls: Check for easy-to-use controls.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Consider energy consumption aligning with your preferences.

Safety Concerns:

  1. Follow safety guidelines to prevent overheating and fire hazards.
  2. Choose blankets tested and approved by a recognized agency.
  3. Replace worn or cracked heating blankets promptly.
  4. Check for scorch marks, discolourations, or frayed cords.
  5. Never lay on top of an over blanket to avoid wire damage
  6. Avoid dry cleaning, as the chemicals used can be flammable.


  • How to Wash an Electric Blanket?

      • Always follow manufacturer instructions.
      • Most electric blankets are machine washable, but some may require hand washing.
      • Detach the cord before washing, and never use a dryer; air dry instead.
  • How Many Watts is an Electric Blanket?

      • The wattage varies, but most electric blankets range from 60 to 100 watts.
      • Check the product label or manual for specific wattage information.

Recent Recalls:

  1. About 30,000 were recalled due to reports of burning, melting, or overheating.
  2. Thousands were recalled in Illinois over fire danger.
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