Aerial view of sealed high-value bungalows in Pune's prime Camp spots, raising concerns over illegal transactions on defence land. The Defence Estates Office (DEO) in Pune seals two prime Camp bungalows, exposing a web of illegal transactions on defence land. The Holder of Occupancy Rights (HORs) faces allegations of selling properties without required permissions, prompting a thorough investigation into systemic irregularities. The controversy underscores the urgent need for reforms to safeguard defence properties.Authorities take action against the illegal sale of high-value bungalows on Napier Road and Stavely Road in Pune's Camp area, sealing properties worth over Rs100 crore.

Pune’s real estate scene has been rocked by the recent sealing of two high-value bungalows in prime locations on Napier Road and Stavely Road in Camp. The Defence Estates Office (DEO), Pune Circle, took action after discovering that these properties, valued at over Rs100 crore in total, were sold illegally without the necessary permissions from the Ministry of Defence and Directorate General Defence Estates.

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The properties in question fall under the Old Grant Bungalows (OGBs) category and were unlawfully transferred to private entities by the Holder of Occupancy Rights (HORs). This unscrupulous activity has raised serious concerns about the integrity of land transactions and the protection of defence land in the region.

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The sealing of these bungalows signifies a firm commitment to upholding the legal and ethical standards governing property transactions, particularly those involving defence land. The action taken by the DEO, Pune Circle, sends a clear message that unauthorized dealings with defence properties will not be tolerated.

Upon scrutinizing relevant documents, officials uncovered multiple irregularities in the properties, primarily relating to the illegal transfer and sale of defence land. This discovery has shed light on a web of fraudulent activities and misrepresentations by the Holder of Occupancy Rights, indicating a systemic issue that demands thorough investigation.

To address these violations, authorities are contemplating legal action, including the lodging of FIRs to initiate criminal proceedings against those involved in the unlawful sale of defence land. Furthermore, there is a call for a comprehensive probe into the nexus of individuals, including builders and brokers, complicit in these illicit transactions.

Saurav Ray, Director of Defence Estates at the Principal Directorate Defence Estates of Southern Command, emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the gross violations that have taken place over the years. This sentiment was echoed by a senior official from the Directorate General Defence Estates in New Delhi, who highlighted the need to scrutinize the sanctions and regularization accorded to the Holder of Occupancy Rights by the DEO and cantonment authorities.

The sealing of these high-value bungalows represents a critical step towards rectifying the systemic irregularities and enforcing accountability in property transactions involving defence land. It underscores the imperative to protect and preserve such valuable assets from unlawful exploitation. Moving forward, a comprehensive investigation and stringent legal action are essential to root out the entrenched malpractices and ensure the integrity of defence land transactions in Pune.


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