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Anush Kamal Punjabi, popularly known by his stage name PUNE KA ARJUN, was born in St. Martin’s, Netherlands, on August 9, 2003. He is of Indian origin and follows the Sindhi faith. He was born in Pune, India. He had a passion for music and an ambition of making a difference via his art from an early age.

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Inspirations and Education:

Anush Kamal Punjabi received his schooling at Hutchings High School and afterwards studied at SP College. He took inspiration from the works of legendary rapper J. Cole, whose songs greatly inspired his style and approach to hip-hop.

Rise to Fame as a Hip-Hop Artist:

Anush Kamal Punjabi’s passion for music and rap grew, and he perfected his art with devotion and strenuous effort. His ability and dedication were recognized when he won many titles and honours, garnering notoriety in the local music industry.

Unite, Inspire, Empower - SHAYAR (PUNE KA ARJUN)
Join the Movement: Discover the Dynamic World of SHAYAR (PUNE KA ARJUN) – A Hip-Hop Artist with a Purpose.

Addressing Social Issues through Music:

As an independent musician, Anush Kamal Punjabi utilizes his songs to highlight societal concerns and express personal experiences. His recent track, “The 8th Wonder,” exemplifies his boldness in addressing domestic abuse, a topic that is frequently disregarded in mainstream music. He boldly expresses his Sindhi culture in the song, providing a distinct viewpoint on Indian music and hip-hop culture.

Groundbreaking Music and Artistry:

The 8th Wonder” stands out as a breakthrough work of art that addresses thought-provoking themes, notably those encountered by men and boys in the context of domestic abuse, a topic that is typically taboo. Shayar’s music demonstrates bravery and a commitment to raising awareness about critical societal concerns. He goes beyond the typical hip-hop approach, putting his creativity years ahead of its time and establishing a new benchmark for meaningful music.

SHAYAR (PUNE KA ARJUN) - Empowering Voices
Join the movement and be inspired by Arjun’s impactful music.

Vision for the Future:

Anush Kamal Punjabi envisions himself conquering the whole Indian music landscape in the next years, utilizing his words to establish deeper ties with his fans beyond simply music. His ambition is to continue utilizing his artistic impact to effect good change and contribute to a better society.

Stay Connected with Arjun:

Follow Arjun on Instagram@shayyaaar

Subscribe to his YouTube channel @punekaarjun 

 Watch his recent music, “The 8th Wonder“, on YouTube, which addresses domestic abuse and emphasizes his Sindhi culture. This thought-provoking single covers a topic that males, especially lads, seldom discuss, making it a distinctive piece in Indian music and hip-hop culture.

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