Remembering Big Jook: A Brief Biography of Yo Gotti's Late Brother Portrait of Big Jook, Yo Gotti's brother, who tragically lost his life in a Memphis shooting.Big Jook, brother of famed rapper Yo Gotti, captured in a moment of reflection. This image serves as a tribute to his legacy.

Big Jook, whose real name is Anthony Mims, was the older brother of renowned rapper Yo Gotti. Born on 26 January 1979, he tragically lost his life in a targeted shooting outside Perignons Restaurant & Event Center in Memphis.

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Wiki / Trivia Table

Full Name Anthony Mims 
Nickname Big Jook
Profession Music Industry Executive
Famous For Contributions to Collective Music Group
Date of Birth 26 January 1979
Age (as of 2024) 45
Died 13 January 2024 (4:00 PM)
Zodiac sign Open Link
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee
Hometown Memphis, Tennessee
Nationality American
Favorite Game Open Link
Height Open Link
Weight Tap
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Father’s Name Open Link
Mother’s Name Tap
Brother Name Yo Gotti
Partner Name Open Link
Marital Status Click
Shoe Size 8
Educational Qualification Tap
School Open Link
College/University Tap
Facebook Page Click
Instagram Page @bigjookcmg
YouTube Channel Open Link
LinkedIn Page Tap
Twitter Page Click
Email Tap
Contact Number Open Link
Net Worth $58 Million
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Latest Controversy

Big Jook’s life came to a tragic end when he was fatally shot outside a Memphis restaurant. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still under investigation, and no suspects have been identified or arrested.


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Professional Life

Anthony “Big Jook” Mims made a notable mark in the music industry through his association with Yo Gotti’s record label, Collective Music Group (CMG). He played a pivotal role on the business side, contributing significantly to the label’s success.

His influence extended beyond familial ties, actively promoting artists under the CMG imprint. Big Jook’s multifaceted contributions showcased his dedication to the label’s success, emphasizing a combination of talent, dedication, and strategic insight.

Personal Life

Big Jook, along with Yo Gotti, emerged from a middle-class family with roots deeply intertwined with African heritage. Their father, from Zimbabwe, served as a gym instructor, while their mother had South African roots, bringing cultural diversity into their family life.


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Growing up in this environment shaped the values and experiences of the brothers. While specific details about their parents remain undisclosed, the narrative primarily revolves around the close-knit bond between Yo Gotti and Big Jook, underscoring the significance of their brotherly connection.

Quick Hidden Facts

  • Big Jook actively managed the business side of CMG, contributing to its growth.
  • He appeared in several music videos released by CMG.
  • The shooting occurred after he attended a funeral service earlier in the day.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What was Big Jook’s real name?
    • Anthony Mims, known as Big Jook.
  • How did Big Jook die?
    • He was fatally shot outside Perignons Restaurant & Event Center in Memphis in a targeted attack.
  • What role did Big Jook play in the music industry?
    • He played a significant role on the business side of Yo Gotti’s record label, Collective Music Group.
  • Did Yo Gotti make any statements about his brother’s death?
    • As of now, Yo Gotti has not made any public statements regarding Big Jook’s death.
  • Are there any suspects in the shooting?

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