#AmitSharma #CrazyXYZ #YouTuber #DigitalInfluencer #ContentCreator #YouTubeSensation #IndianCreatorAmit Sharma, creator of Crazy XYZ, during a recent YouTube video.

Meet Amit Sharma, a 23-year-old YouTuber who hails from Bansur, Rajasthan, India. Born on September 11, 2000, this Virgo sensation has taken the digital world by storm through his YouTube channel, Crazy XYZ (formerly Blade XYZ), where he has shared mind-blowing experiments and life hacks since 2017.

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Full Name Amit Kumar Sharma
Nickname Crazy XYZ
Profession YouTuber
Famous For YouTube Experiments and Life Hacks
Date of Birth September 11, 2000
Age 23 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign Virgo
Birthplace Bansur, Alwar, Rajasthan, India
Hometown Bansur, Alwar, Rajasthan, India
Nationality Indian
Favorite Game PUBH, Free Fire
Height 5.1
Weight 68
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Father’s Name Under Review
Mother’s Name Under Review
Brother Name Under Review
Wife Name Not married
Marital Status Single
Shoe Size 8
Educational Qualification BTech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
School Local School in Alwar
College/University IIT Roorkee
Facebook Link Under Review
Instagram Link @amit.yt
YouTube Channel Link Crazy XYZ YouTube Channel
Twitter @DesiGamers01
Mail officialdesigamers@gmail.com
Contact Number Under Review
Net Worth Estimated at around 20 crore

Early life and education

Amit’s journey began in Bansur, where he attended a local school before making his mark at IIT Roorkee. This ambitious youngster faced the challenging IIT JEE exam in 2014 and showed his dedication towards education right from the start. His chosen field? Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, a decision that would later shape his unique path.


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The rise of the YouTuber

Amit started his YouTube journey in 2015 under the name Blade XYZ, focusing his videos on experimentation and the use of blades. As his content evolved, his channel name changed to Crazy XYZ in 2017. With 2.72 crore subscribers and 7.6 billion views today, Amit is recognized as one of the top YouTubers in India.

Journey beyond YouTube

Amit’s content ranges from bursting crackers and gaining incredible speed to booking an entire train. However, life took an unexpected turn when he was bitten by a snake as revealed in a video uploaded by his friends. The event garnered support from his 30 million subscribers, which exemplifies the strong bond he shares with his audience.


Crazy XYZ: The main channel with experiments and life hacks.

@TheIndianUnboxer: Sports-related content and unboxing videos.

@Amit_Bhai: Vlogs and personal content.

@CrazyXYZlite: Short-form content with 1.5 million subscribers.

Amit has not only expanded his content but also built a team of 10-12 members to support his YouTube efforts.

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Ajju bhai with Amit Sharma
Ajju bhai with Amit Sharma

Personal life and hobbies

Beyond the YouTube screen, Amit’s passion extends to experimental videos and travel, which is evident in his content. His net worth, estimated at 20 crores, stems from YouTube revenue and affiliate marketing, which reflects the financial success he has achieved.


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A YouTuber’s legacy

Amit Sharma’s journey from a small town in Rajasthan to becoming a YouTube sensation exemplifies the power of dedication and creativity. As he battles a serious health condition, his followers remain united in hoping for his speedy recovery.

Quick hidden facts

Channels: @CrazyXYZ, The Indian Unboxer, Amit, Crazy XYZ Shorts

Subscribers: 29.72 crore, 89.5 lakh, 45.3 lakh, 1.2 crore

Videos: 1.9k+, 300k+, 200k+, 99k+


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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q) When did Amit Sharma’s YouTube journey begin?

  1. A) He started his YouTube career in 2015 under the name Blade XYZ.

Q) What is the educational background of Amit Sharma?

  1. A) He did his B.Tech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from IIT Roorkee.

Q) How many YouTube channels does Amit Sharma have?

  1. A) Amit has four channels: Crazy XYZ, The Indian Unboxer, Amit and Crazy XYZ Shorts.

Q) What is the net worth of Amit Sharma?

  1. A) 20 crores, mainly from YouTube revenue and affiliate marketing.

This comprehensive guide chronicles the remarkable journey of Amit Sharma, the Bansoor boy who transformed experiments into entertainment and won the hearts of millions. Join us in wishing him a speedy recovery as he continues to inspire and entertain.

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